2012: it will all end in…Denver?

Have you ever heard of the Denver Airport? No? Not surprised, why would you? I mean, what’s so special about an airport? Thousands of passengers passing by in a hurry, queues to the checkouts, the rattling sound of suitcases rolling across the marble floor, nothing special, right? Wrong! What makes the Denver International Airport so distinctive among other airports in the world is the fact that it’s unique runway design, construction details and truly astonishing images decorating the inside walls of the building have magnetised the attention of many conspiracy theorists and spawned stories, myths and theories about the airport’s true purpose. 

The Denver International Airport (DIA), located 25 miles from Denver was built in 1995 at the astounding cost of 4.8 billion dollars! The very first sign that something weird was going on was the fact that Denver had already had an airport in the area, Stapleton International, located only 6 miles away from the city centre. That alone was enough for people to start questioning building the airport, quickly sparkling theories that the massive construction was only a cover up for some hidden, top-secret government activity going on underground. It didn’t help when it emerged that a big part of the construction, was badly designed or “built wrong”. Well, shit happens doesn’t it? They probably just knocked the whole thing down and started again, which will probably explain the big cost involved in building the airport, nothing weird about that. Wrong again! What makes the cock-up so distinctively strange, is the fact that the building wasn’t knocked down. Instead, five large constructions, resembling bunkers were buried underground. 

When the airport was finished and finally open to the public use, what people saw was truly indescribable. The very first visitors immediately noticed symbols relating to the New World Order and Freemasonry. Some of them even believe that the Denver International was built by the Illuminati as headquarters for the global genocide that will initiate the New World Order. When is this supposedly going to happen? Of course, 21st December 2012! That’s right, the Mayan apocalypse!

I must admit, I normally look at conspiracy theories with a great dose of scepticism. I always try to weigh the probability carefully and try to avoid just gullibly believing in everything I’m told. There are some stories you hear which are quite probable, however, most modern day conspiracy theories are just a bunch of crap, let’s be honest. 99% of the ones relating to “what’s gonna happen to us in 2012" fall perfectly into the "bollocks" category. At first, the Denver International story seemed to fit perfectly in it too. But then again…hang on! Have you seen the horse?

I can now believe why one of the very first passengers who visited the Denver airport said “I’m not a conspiracy guy in any way. But anybody who has flown through Denver Airport will tell you this place is a few fries short of a Happy Meal”. And he’s not wrong. You are greeted at the airport by a giant sculpture depicting a blue-cast fiberglass mustang. Yeah, very cosy, nothing says “Weclome to Denver” better than a 32 feet tall freakish beast staring at people with its devilish red eyes. The horse alone is enough to make you feel a bit uneasy but it’s what awaits inside that causes the biggest controversy.

The inside of the building is decorated by strange symbols on the walls and floors. There is a massive granite dedication stone with embedded square and compass sign, a symbol widely associated with Freemasonry. The engravings on the stone also state that it is a time capsule created for the people of Colorado and that the airport was funded by New World Airport Commission. Nothing strange about that apart from one little fact: such organisation as the New World Airport Comission…does not exist. Till this day nobody really knows who funded the airport construction.

Keep going through the airport halls and you’ll find more symbols, one of them is a writing on the floor saying “Au Ag”. What immediately springs to my mind is “gold and silver” as this is how they are represented on Mendeleev’s periodic table. I guess by now you won’t be surprised if I tell you that conspiracy theorists however, found another meaning hidden in these letters. Apparently Au Ag is an abbreviation for the deadly sprain of hepatitis called Australia Antigen (AUAG), which is supposedly a biological weapon intended to be used by The Illuminati for the purpose of mass murder.

So far, all these theories seem a bit trumped up, if you ask me. But the best is still to come. Right next to the mysterious symbols on the floor, The Illuminati have supposedly described their plans for the global holocaust in a form of massive murals. And actually the murals are the most controversial out of all the symbols used in this building. The first mural shows a ghostly figure, most probably a soldier wearing a gas mask, carrying a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, which he uses to kill a dove - an international symbol for peace. It doesn’t just end there. In the background you can see crying women carrying dead babies in their arms and a gray wave around the soldier, which suggests that this is a depiction of mass destruction of the human population by the means of biological weapon.

Another mural shows us even more disturbing images: children of all origins weeping over open caskets, while behind them we can see a city being destoyed by a raging fire, accompanied by the extinction of various animal species. Some species are luckier than others. The ones that get to survive are placed in glass boxes and hence, being preserved. One of the little girls in this picture is holding a fragment of what seems to be a tablet with Mayan drawings on it, alluding the December 2012 date - supposedly the end of the world. 

According to the ancient Maya, the world will not end for all times. The prophecy states that after the mass destruction, there is also rebirth, a beginning of the New World Order. It is said that the apocalypse is only a period of transition from one World Age into another, the New World Order. The last mural shows the world after such transition. The evil soldier appears to be dead, many children, all of different nationalities are gathered around, evidently relieved, holding a big sign that says “Peace” in different languages. The symbol of peace, the dove, is present again and very much alive, now sitting on top of the soldier’s dead body. At the bottom of this picture, there is a piece of paper with a poem on it, relating to losing the child-like innocence through war and hate and then waking up as a child again, ready to laugh and play again. This picture clearly shows revival. After the world being torn apart by horrific string of death, mass murder, war and mass extinction, the world awakens from a deep slumber refreshed, revived and renovated, ready for the new era, the era of illumination.

Having seen all these images, it’s not a great surprise why this airport is a constant source of discussions among conspiracy theorists. Can you blame them? I mean what on earth is the purpose of placing such images and symbols in an airport building? It is said that the true purpose of the building is to hold secret government facilities, which are only disguised as an airport. The underground area is believed to be a test base for the use of electromagnetic weapons. In 2007, 14 commercial aircrafts simultaneously had their windshields shattered, as a result of supposedly releasing the electromagnetic pulses from underground. Apart from the test base, there are also 5 large bunkers, which were believed to be built by the Masons to house the elites in case of environmental or economic collapse followed by a nuclear hollocaust. It doesn’t stop there. Some people believe that the Masons have planned a global genocide for December 2012. The Australia Antigen is supposed to be a proof of masonic preparations for affecting humans with biological weapon, and thus killing millions of people and relieving  our overpopulated planet from constant plundering for resources. The people who survive the genocide are supposedly “the elite” chosen by the most powerful masonic representatives. The elite will then create the New World Order, start again and live on Earth in peace and harmony. The time capsule, scheduled to be opened in 100 years from the year the airport was built, is meant to be holding evidence and written memorabila of the “old" World Age left behind. The conspiracy theorists also claim that there are not only plans being undertaken for future crimes agains the humanity, but they are displayed publicly for everyone to see. Just a dumb show of something hiding in plain sight. And that cannot be denied. Hints and portrays of the end of the wrold hide everywhere. The murals are a clear evidence that the Earth’s population will be reduced by a wave of biological genocide, which only few selected will survive and after that a new world will emerge, like a phoenix from the ashes to form the new civilisation living in peace and harmony. Come on, it’s obvious that they’re plotting something, the murals speak for themselves! Or do they?

Whether you believe the conspiracy theories about the Denver airport or not, it is pretty much clear that the images covering the insides of the building are a bit…unconventional, to say the least. Add some underground structures (apparently serving as storage spaces and an automatic luggage handling system), some masonic symbolism and there: a perfect recipe for triggering the imagination of some Illuminati obsessed individuals. As for the Masons, their existence is well known all around the world, especially in the United States. Denver is not the only place in the U.S. that is decorated by masonic symbols (Washington D.C. being a prime example). They are even present on the American one Dollar Bill. In the case of Denver airport, the famous square and compass automatically suggest masonic influence in the construction of the building, which is undoubtedly true. It is even very probable that the whole building was funded by the masonic Grand Lodge, as were many other buildings in the United States. However, for many people the presence of a popular masonic brand fuells images that have always been linked with the Masons, mainly their mysterious rituals and initiations, the brotherhood’s focus on death and many other dark, almost occult associations. Anyone, who has ever read anything about the Masons will know that these frightening connections to death were purely symbolic and the whole organisation is in great deal based on symbolism and metaphorical representation of life and death, which is not to be interpreted literally. Often, masonic rituals were designed to awaken the slumbering man from the coffin of ignorance and raising him into the light of knowledge. Therefore, claims of the Masons plotting against the mankind and intending to create a mass massacre on Earth just because a masonic symbol was found on the walls of an airport are ridiculously incongruous and unreasonable.

The presence of the mysterious Au Ag symbols as a representation of gold and silver could also be easy linked to the Masons in some way. An alchemical tract (taking base metals and transforming them into precious metals) was purely symbolic too (blending the science of chemistry with the tenets of religion and philosophical comprehension). The more popular belief however states that a picture of a cart with Au and Ag symbols atop is placed on the building’s floor because Colorado is well known for its history of gold and silver mines and not, as speculated by conspiracy theorists because Australia Antigen will be used by the Masons to kill us. There, mystery solved. But what about the scary murals then? Just as the masonic symbolism present at in the building and all the legends associated with the fraternity, the murals too should not be interpreted literally. These scary images are simply an allegory and a symbolic message, a man’s journey from war and conflict to peace and harmony. The extinction of various species is an environmental warning about the Earth being exploited and many species becoming extinct, and therefore only able to see through a glass box in a museum. All the dead children depicted in the murals could be interpreted as all the the countries savaged by war, where children are suffering and dying from malnutrition on a daily basis. What is the Mayan prophecy got to do with the whole thing then? If you look up the word ‘apocalypse’ the definition will tell you that it literally means “lifting of the veil" or "to reveal”. An apocalypse is mainly associated with the end of the world, end of mankind, end of all the life on Earth, but it actually refers to a revelation. What is the revelation then?

Well, this is for each and every single one of you to answer. It’s up to you how you interpret the murals and other symbols present at the Denver International Airport. For me, I really believe that these murals are an image of the forecoming apocalypse or a revelation. They all convey a very important message, a message that is so crucial for our own survival, that it had to be presented to people in a very drastic way, by dying children, species becoming extinct, cities burning and civilisations collapsing…just like the Mayan civilisation did. I believe the Mayan reference is some sort of a warning, a message that if we carry on the way we do, we will end up just like them, and just like them we will compromise our own survival on this planet. I don’t think we even need to wait for December 2012 for the end of the world. We have already started it ourselves. Even so, I don’t think it’s the Illuminati or the Masons that will drive our civilisation to an end. It is our own ignorance that is the real threat to humanity. Every single day, by listening to the radio or switching on the news channel we can see that the world is torn by all sorts of crises: economical crisis, environmental crisis, poverty, unemployment, famine, natural disasters, war, corruption, collusion, crime, violence…the list goes on and on. We are silent witnesses of the downfall of our civilisation. And most of us is either too busy chasing after money or not even bothered to care. We have been trapped in a capitalistic frenzy fuelled by the modern day consumerism, putting the emphasis on “to have" rather than "to be”. We simply sit there and watch our demand for resources increase, while our moral and cultural values decrease dramatically, and with them, our general happiness. Somehow we cannot see that the western model of prosperity is beyond the bio-physical capacity of the planet and a constant growth is impossible on a planet with finite resources. And yes, there is more and more of us, our population is still growing, so we are getting busy digging for resources, processing them to produce goods, selling them using mindless advertising methods telling you that you’re a looser unless you buy certain product and then disposing of them when they don’t satisfy our needs anymore. What’s more, our desire for education and knowledge seems to be disappearing under the common demand for material possesions planted in our brains from the very early age. Meanwhile, people on other continents, in other, so calles “third world” countries are struggling to make ends meet. They are deprived of their basic human needs like clean drinking water, food, shelter or electricity. And what do we do? Nothing. One of my favourite songwriters summed up our attitude by saying “If our own lives aren’t directly affected, then it doesn’t need to be corrected”, and this is an exact description of our hubristic way of life. We are not prepared to share our money and possesions with other, less fortunate human beings. We will defend our materialistic values even if it means watching the others starve to death. Now, THIS is what really scares me. It’s not the massive red-eyed horse that sends shivers down my spine. It’s a vision of a world torn by inequality, intolerance, increasing consumption leading to more and more severe environmental damage. It’s also our advancement in developing nuclear weapons and a threat of using them by our leaders that really makes me worry. 

I believe we really and truly need an apocalypse. We, as a species with an increadible potential, that got lost somewhere on the way, need a revelation. Western societies need a a massive shift. For sure, mass murder and a global genocide to reduce number of inhabitants of this planet is not the best way to fix the mess that we’ve made on this planet. We need something that will set us back on the right track, that will give us hope, that will prove that we are in fact an intelligent species, that we are capable of more than just mindless consumption and destruction. We need a force that will shift our moral compasses in the right direction, which will point to the greatness within us, set us on the “path of illumination”, as called by the Masons. Making mistakes is a part of being human. But it’s the conclusions we draw from them and the way we act upon them that will determine our humanness. The Maya ignored the warnings and their great civilisation collapsed. What will we do depends on us and our decisions. Hopefully the end of 2012 will be an apocalypse that will equip us with the right choices, reveal our true potential and make us realise that being human is not gathering material possesions but in fact our own creativity and compassion that will enable us to live in peace and harmony with the rest of the planet and create a world our future generations will be proud of.

(Source: thechive.com)